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Photonic Science

Advanced X-ray, neutron, SWIR and low light imaging


Photonic Science is a high technology independent manufacturer of scientific detector systems covering the range of visible to X-ray and neutron detection. The camera technology offered is wide ranging, from the latest CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS and SWIR sensors to X-ray and intensified cameras and Laue diffraction systems. We serve customers in scientific, industrial, medical and military domains. Imaging systems and cameras sold are designed to customer specific requirements, which can range extensively in environmental requirements with cost effective volume production available for OEM users. Photonic Science’s ability to design and build specialist systems and to undertake R&D projects has given the company’s engineering team a wide range of experience in diverse fields and the ability to transfer this knowledge to our customers.

Scintacor Limited acquired the intellectual property, business name and physical assets of Photonic Science Limited on Tuesday 25th September 2018 and formed Photonic Science and Engineering Limited to continue to serve Photonic Science customers. The Photonic Science team is now established in a new 1,000 square metre facility in St Leonards, East Sussex and is serving customers around the world.