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Cylindrical Neutron Laue Detector System


Ultra low noise, high sensitivity large area 360 degree mosaic neutron imaging detector collects diffraction patterns over 70% of 4Pi steradian.

The detector is based upon an octagon of scintillating plates that forms a 360 degree hollow vertical cylinder 400 mm in diameter and 400 mm high with the neutron beam entering in the equatorial plane.

The camera delivers a resolution of 2260(h)x7505(w) pixels with 177 µm square (no binning) and 2.5 seconds read out cycle. High sensitivity / high resolution is achieved thanks to the use of custom scintillator and intensified cooled CCD camera read out which enables high electro optical gain down to singe neutron sensitivity.

The detector construction allows the change of the scintillator assembly. The flexible design will also ease the generation of new calibration map files resulting from scintillator change and camera service. The cameras have a 16-bit acquisition mode and a fast 12-bit readout mode.

Exposures of 1ms to a few hours in dynamic integration mode are possible.