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Hawkeye sCMOS camera

Compact surveillance sCMOS


The Hawkeye high resolution camera for low light surveillance applications.

The camera uses selected sub electron sCMOS sensors available as either monochrome or colour, with low dark current and low defective pixel count.

Thanks to efficient cooling and stable offset, the sCMOS camera allows reproducible acquisition for precise metrology measurements in the NIR spectrum.

Camera Link and HD-SDI interfaces enable easy integration into existing systems. sCMOS sensors with UV extension are also available on demand. OEM versions with special form factors/cooling options are made to order for special programmes into specific payload and surveillance systems.

Hawkeye Camera HD Format 1920 x 1080

Hawkeye Camera HD Format 1920 x 1080


Key Features

  • >90 dB intra-scene dynamic range

  • Read out noise <1 electron RMS

  • 30/60 fps with HD full resolution

  • Excellent linearity

  • Response to varying intensities and/or exposures

  • HD-SDI & Camera Link interface

  • Software option SDK kit, Labview VI’s

  • HD Format 1920 x 1080

Key Applications

Available with passive cooling

  • Auto control exposure for surveillance

  • Region of interest allowing digital zooming

  • Pixel binning for improved sensitivity

  • Colour or multi-spectral filters

with air cooling or water cooling

  • Astronomy

  • Hyper spectral imaging

  • Payload

  • Spectroscopy