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FDS X-Ray Detector


The X-ray FDS is a high resolution (1392x1040 pixels), X-ray digital detector with direct coupled (micro) fiber-optic input that protects the sensor against radiation damage.

The detector offers a switchable 10/20 MHz readout rate (with 12-bit image digitization) to cope with real time acquisition requirements such as for PCB inspection, X-ray source monitoring.

Simultaneous exposure and read out cycle allows 100% duty cycle to be achieved whilst maintaining sensitivity.

Resolution up to 25 lp/mm is achieved depending on the input size and scintillator thickness options chosen at the time of order.

Very low read out noise electronics down to 5 electrons allows the X-Ray FDI to detect very faint flux close to near photon counting when binning is used. This is particularly useful for low dose microCT as well as a SAXS set up. Thanks to its large dynamic range, the camera can unveil very faint intensity details even a bright background with no saturation artifacts.

Photonic Science’s sister company Scintacor offers CsI and Gadox coatings for fibre optics and other components.

 FDS X-ray detector

FDS X-ray detector