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X-Ray FDS Detector


The X-ray FDS is a high resolution (1392x1040 pixels), X-ray digital detector with direct coupled (micro) fiber-optic input that protects the sensor against radiation damage.

The detector offers up to 50mm x 40mm active area and 6 megapixel resolution. A custom scintillator is deposited onto the camera in order to allow 12keV up to 300keV. Array versions with multiple modules are also available, delivering up to 24 megapixel resolution.

The X-ray FDS 6.02MP delivers up to 1.5 fps full resolution or 6 fps in binning 2 x 2 allowing real time acquisition routine. A built in shutter allows smear free, shutterless acquisition even with exposure time down to microsecond range. Frame rate of >10 fps can be achieved when used in local sub area mode or line scan mode.

A device server driver control allows remote aquisition through existing GUI interface.The cameras have a native 14-bit acquisition mode and 18-bit extended dynamic range mode.

Key Features

  • Input sizes : single module
    50 x 40mm

  • Array Sizes : multiple modules
    100 x 80mm / 200 x 40mm

  • Scintillator
    Gadox:Tb for operation from 5-55 keV,
    structured CSI scintillator from 20-300 keV

  • Simultaneous integration/readout enabling
    100% duty cycle acquisition

  • OEM versions available


  • X-ray microtomography

  • X-ray PCB testing

  • Phase contrast imaging

  • X-ray source qualification

  • X-ray radiography

  • X-ray mirror and optics alignment

FDS X-ray detector

FDS X-ray detector

Photonic Science’s sister company Scintacor offers CsI and Gadox coatings for fibre optics and other components.