Photonic Science
Professional Imaging

Cooled Intensified Camera


The cooled ICCD series features a high resolution megapixel pixel CCD or CMOS fibre optically coupled to a specially-developed high resolution image intensifier.

The spectral response can be optimized for red, green or blue light down to UV peak response. The intensifier offers luminous gain in excess of 4,000:1 with very fast shuttering options down to 3 ns with 300 KHz repetition rate should the camera be synchronized with high duty cycle ultra fast lasers.

The camera can be used for two dimensional imaging of plasma / combustion chambers as well as for spectroscopic applications where the camera can sustain fast one dimensional line scan acquisition rate as well as 2 dimensional imaging for standard spectroscopy applications and Echelle spectrographs respectively where megapixel resolution is required.

A choice of industry standard camera interface: Camera Link and GigE are available for each camera.

Up to 16 cameras can be synchronized together in order to deliver an ultra fast sequence by carefully adjusting the delay on the image intensifiers.