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Neutron Imaging Detector


Neutron imaging detector systems

1680 x 1320 pixels resolution and 231 x 294 mm active area for fast crystal orientation routines.

This system allows a unique digital backscattered neutron Laue diffraction pattern to be recorded as it features a centre hole to allow the neutron beam to pass through the camera system prior to reaching the sample. This configuration allows the neutron scintillator to be positioned very close to the sample, so that a large solid angle of diffracted beams can be imaged.

High sensitivity / high resolution is achieved thanks to the use of custom scintillator and intensified cooled CCD camera read out which enables high electro optical gain down to singe neutron sensitivity.

Extended exposures can be used for unveiling weak diffracting patterns.

Synchronization with pulsed neutron sources down to 100ns at 50Hz repetition rate can be achieved by feeding a TTL triggering pulse to a BNC connector.

Remote real time acquisition is performed via a device server driver. 

Our Neutron imaging detector system uses a Lithium-6 screen produced by our sister company Scintacor.