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Small Animal X-ray Imaging


X-ray Gated Respiratory experiments allows to refine Small Animal models / cardiac drug monitoring.

Cardiopulmonary imaging using Micro-Computed Tomography (CT) is a challenging task due to both cardiac and pulmonary motion and the limited fluence rate available from micro- focus X-ray tubes.

Successful imaging in mice requires recognition of both the spatial and temporal scales. The geometry must be optimized to match focal spot blur with detector pitch and the resolution limits imposed by the reproducibility of gating.

Motion is minimized for any single projection with 10 ms exposures that are synchronized to both cardiac and breathing motion.

High resolution detectors with good shuttering capability, fast read out and good dynamic range are the preferred solution for this type of application. Typical input size of 90 x 60mm matching the animal size with about 50 microns resolution FWHM and > 10,000:1 dynamic range is a good work horse solution that can be operated at up to 10fps on a optimized region of interest.

Synchronized acquisition using two detectors would allow stereoscopic acquisition without compromising acquisition speed.