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SWIR 320 x 256 InGaAs Camera

SWIR Camera


high sensitivity InGaAs short wave infrared SWIR cameras 320x256 resolution with response up to 1.7 µm

The high sensitivity cooled SWIR camera allows spectroscopic analysis up to 1.7 µm. It can be used for Photoluminescence, Raman Spectroscopy, Laser Diode Characterization, and Fluorescence. The camera relies on an efficient cooling with a delta T of 60 degree with respect to ambient temperature in order to reduce its dark current and allow extended integration periods.

PSEL high sensitivity InGaAs short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras are also being used for monitoring temperature above 100 degree C of industrial furnaces and applications involving baking processes up to 1600 degree C.

It will unveil temperature gradients / defects of hot end glass parts and help monitoring cooling rate / reducing scrap respectively. Likewise it will also enable early detection of slag impurities in molten metal.

Photonic Science high sensitivity SWIR cameras can be provided with high efficiency transmission lenses.