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SWIR InGaAs OEM Module

SWIR Camera Module


Custom OEM design SWaP optimised imaging solutions

OEM versions with special form factors/cooling options manufactured for integration into specific instruments/systems.

The modules use selected InGaAs focal plane arrays with low dark current and low defective pixel count. Thanks to efficient cooling and stable offset, the InGaAs arrays allow reproducible acquisition for precise metrology measurements in the SWIR spectrum.

Camera Link and Gigabit Ethernet Vision compliant interface enable easy integration into existing systems. InGaAs sensors with visible extension are available in 640 x 512 and SWIR extension in 320  x  256 resolution.

SWIR InGaAs OEM module

SWIR InGaAs OEM module


Key Features

  • 14-bit digitization / 16-bit image processing

  • Read out noise down to typically <30 electrons

  • 174 fps at full resolution With Region of Interest ROI

  • Excellent linearity Response to varying intensities and/or exposures

  • Gigabit Ethernet & Camera Link interface

  • Software option

  • SDK kit, Labview VI’s

Key Applications

Available with passive cooling

  • Handheld vision enhancement

  • Active Imaging

  • Airborne Payload

  • Hand Held Goggles

  • Imaging through Fog / haze

  • Range Finding

  • Hyperspectral imaging

  • Laser line detection @ 1064nm and 1550nm

  • Covert surveillance