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CoolView VHR CCD Camera


The CoolView VHR high resolution CCD camera. 11 and 16 megapixel options: 4000x2672 pixels and 4872x3248 pixels respectively.

Dual tap 20 MHz low noise readout electronics allows fast read out shutterless operation at up to 3 fps full resolution, and up to 15 fps with binning.

The interline transfer architecture enables fast built in shuttering capability for smear free very high resolution image acquisition.

A dual sensor configuration with 22 and 32 megapixel resolution are available whilst keeping the same acquisition frame rate as a standalone camera.

The camera features extremely good anti-blooming suppression which will avoid any bleeding artifacts, up to >300 x its saturation level. This makes the camera ideal for characterizing bright both bright / dimmed light emissions such as for LCD / plasma panel inspection, aerial imaging, 2D proteomics.

Extended dynamic range mode provides up to 16 bit digitization.