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X-ray Intensified Detector


The X-ray Intensified Detector incorporates an ultra low noise photocathode that enables photon amplification down to single photon detection.

The intensifier, thanks to an intrinsic luminous gain of up to 8,000:1, lifts the signal generated by a single photon above the read out noise of the cooled CCD sensor. Very low Equivalent Background Illumination down to 10-3 counts per pixel per second is achieved thanks to selection of very low noise intensifiers and digital signal processing.

The detector is available with input area up to 66 mm diameter and less than 50 µm pixel size. Extended cooling allows single exposure up to 20 minutes.

Fast read out allows shutterless 100% duty cycle acquisition at up to 13 fps for dynamic acquisition / integration of real time experiments.

Synchronization with pulsed X-ray source down to 100 ns at 30 KHz repetition rate can be achieved by feeding a TTL triggering pulse to a BNC connector.