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X-ray sCMOS 16MP Detector

16 megapixel resolution


The 16MP sCMOS detector offers up to 95.5 x 95.5mm active area and 16 megapixel resolution. A custom scintillator is deposited onto the camera in order to allow 1keV up to 300keV operation. Array versions with multiple modules are also available, delivering up to 64 megapixel resolution. The X-ray sCMOS detector delivers up to 4,5 fps full resolution and 18 fps in binning 2 x 2 allowing real time acquisition routine. A built n shutter allows smear free, shutterless acquisition even with exposure time down to millisecond range. Frame rate of >10 fps can be achieved when used in local sub area mode or line scan mode. A device server driver control allows remote aquisition through existing GUI interface. The detectors have a native 16-bit acquisition mode. 

Key Features

  • Input sizes : single module

    95 x 95mm

  • Array Sizes : multiple modules

    191 x 191mm / 382 x 95.5mm

  • Scintillator

    Gadox:Tb for operation from 1-55 keV,

    structured CSI scintillator from 20-300 keV

  • Simultaneous integration/readout enabling

    100% duty cycle acquisition

  • OEM versions available

X-ray sCMOS 4MP detector

X-ray sCMOS 4MP detector



  • X-ray microtomography

  • X-ray PCB testing

  • Phase contrast imaging

  • X-ray source qualification

  • X-ray radiography

  • X-ray Coherent diffraction imaging

Photonic Science’s sister company Scintacor offers CsI and Gadox coatings for fibre optics and other components.