Photonic Science
Professional Imaging

X-Ray Laue Diffraction Systems

Real time crystal alignment



  • Choice of X-Ray Source

  • Real Time Alignment

  • 6 Axis Motorised Goniostat

  • 0.05° Accuracy

  • Compact Benchtop Design


The instrument uses a back scattered geometry with a central hole, enabling the delivery of a bright collimated beam onto the sample through the camera. It’s high sensitivity allows one to record patterns, acquisition sequences in real time directly onto a networked PC which controls a 6 axis motorized goniostat.
It’s excellent spatial resolution can resolve twin spots / structures. Thanks to the careful Photonic Science calibrated alignment routine and high precision design, Laue patterns of known structures can be oriented down to less than 0.05° accuracy . The system can be combined with a front scattering detector used for scanning grain / structure in homogeneity of large samples with increased spatial resolution.

Low cost of ownership, limited maintenance, combined with a very intuitive Graphical User Interface makes the system extremely attractive for both academic as well as industrial use.